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Supernatural 9x20 “Bloodlines” Extended Promo

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If Klaroline is dead, we’ll make sure to keep a spot in our coffin warm for when TO joins us.

Very fitting. Klaroline gave TO life and in our infinite wisdom we took it away.

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ouat cast + my favorite photoshoot 

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make me choose → asked by tardisblueenvelope
↳ niklaus mikaelson or damon salvatore?

Next Klaroline Trend? 





Tuesday, April 29th, 8pm EST

“Klaroline for Darker More Mature Bloodlines”

How about:

Klaroliners Support Bloodlines?

Lol, I like that one! I was mostly being facetious about that being the trend, because TO is supposed to be the darker, more mature spinoff.

But we should definitely do anything we can to support Bloodlines!

I don’t think it should include anything to do with Klaroline at all. Dead silence from “klaroline”

I think we should show our support for Bloodlines without even mentioning Klaroline. Just support Nate and Bloodlines and trend something about that. Remember Klaroliners giving a vow of silence next Tuesday. :)


Y’all should just give them radio silence for the next episode. Don’t tweet, don’t trend, don’t do ANYTHING. Just let them stand on their own merits and don’t give them the free publicity.

A frustrated and disappointed viewer 


I am struggling so much to keep up with The Originals. It is ridiculous how much I am trying to not quit the show. I want to at least finish the first season but I swear that the writers are not making this easy. As if they are deliberately trying to sabotage themselves and I just don’t get it. I don’t. They are practically destroying everything.

In the Originals as far ships go I cared only for Klebekah but I would rather The Originals to be a show with hints of romance than actual ships in it; and now the writers are once again choosing to go down to that road. I do not care about Klaus and Camille at all (and her character at first had some potential but now she is of no interest to me) and I certainly do not care about Klaus x Camille x Marcel. I do not want to see anything concerning Haylijah as long as Hayley is pregnant and even after that I am not so sure if I can warm up into that relationship. And on the other hand they are already hinting a possible Klaus x Hayley x Elijah triangle and this is simply making me cringe. This is not the dynamic of the show. Not the one it should have had anyway. Please just stop. I do not want any love triangles. I do not want another TVD. Choose a couple if you want (even one that I do not like and stick with it) but don’t make it a love triangle. This is going to turn into a soap otherwise I swear and I can already see signs of it.

Then there is the Hayley issue for me. All this focus on Hayley’s character is more than annoying for me because for me the Originals were supposed to be about the Originals and all the rest characters were supposed to be secondary. The writers keep reinventing Hayley’s character and recreating her past in ways that are actually hurting the character. At first in TVD I didn’t gave her character too much attention and there were times that I even liked her attitude but in TO they introduced a different character and I was lost. After a point my confusion turned into irritation. I would rather have watched an interesting story about Rebekah -that was indeed an Original- than having all the focus constantly on Hayley. Afterwards somehow it seemed that the writers took a step back and made some episodes Hayley light and I could enjoy them more. And then what? Then they connected Hayley with every plot and story out of nowhere basically and made it extremely hard for me to enjoy the plots Hayley was in (she is literally disabling all the potential of the werewolves plot and so on). They are trying to force me to like her and the result is the opposite and that is coming from someone that didn’t dislike her and even occasionally enjoyed her in the first place.

And without Rebekah in the show I feel like that no female character can attract my attention and that is bad for the show.

And the actress that plays Hayley simply cannot support the leading female role with her talent. Since the writers are all for adjustments when it comes to that character then they should try and form a character that the actress’ talent can support. Phoebe Tonkin needs to improve a lot but all her strong acting points are getting ignored and silenced by the circumstances and by what the role of that character demands from her and she simply cannot deliver (especially since the character is not well written and keeps changing in each episode). Not to mention that her weaknesses are extremely highlighted when she plays next to actors with a greater talent than her. And whenever she has to do long speeches or scenes like the lamaze lessons I am one breath away from closing my tv screen.

I also do not really care for the baby. I do not care if it lives, if it dies, if it simply vanishes. A baby does not belong to this genre period.

Last but certainly not least I do not understand why the writers are basically copying The Vampire Diaries in everything. Hayley is the new Elena. The bad brother that is deep down is good. The good brother with the hidden darkness inside. I do not care to see another Damon/Stefan rivalry or another triangle with two brothers. I do not like the way they are copying the elements from Klaroline and from Caroline’s character and are creating Klamille and Camille based on those. Last episode made it painfully clear. From all the potential ways they could go with Kieran’s death they chose to copy Caroline’s story with her father and to duplicate similar parts of Klaus’s relationship with Caroline as allowing Marcel to comfort Camille for a night (Tyler and Caroline’s prom) and the way Klaus controls Marcel’s exile like he did with Tyler’s but the woman in question aka Caroline/Camille can make him step down and so on and on and on. And how Klaus has a certain vulnerability over Camille as he did with Caroline but in this case without the same built up and while Camille should despise him for how he abused her, controlled her at raped her mind at the beginning. I am not saying that Klaroline had not abusive themes but at least Caroline could stand for herself without having to sooth Klaus’s man pain for that matter. And why would I care for Klamille when Klaroline was a thousand times better. You want me to move on from Klaroline? How about you giving me something different? Something new? Something that doesn’t resembles in an offending way the Original successful ship? Why would I even care for a copy that has nothing on the Original?

I am a klaroline shipper. I loved that couple but I loved the Original family more and I am watching the Originals and I started watching the show in good faith. But how I am supposed to ignore what I am seeing? How am I supposed to give another chance to another potential romance for instance when all they do is give away a bad copy from the original ship in a provocative and negative way while the chemistry cannot compare? Why would I even bother? Then it is suppose to be my fault that I cannot stop thinking of Klaroline?

I have been waiting so patiently for a Klaroline reference and a crossover (and the writers have failed me on this and their attitude is also inexcusable) and now I have to relive this with Klebekah. How can they ignore so easily Rebekah’s character and absence like that? Why are they erasing her presence as if she had no meaning in Klaus’s and Elijah’s lives and her absence is barely noted. Rebekah has been part of Klaus’s life for a thousand years and now what? He simply does not care and deals with his “precious” Camille? Really? Where is the character consistency here?

Should I also mention that I do not give a damn about who gets to rule the Quarter?

At this point I do not even know why I am watching. I believed at first that The Originals was going to be my most favorite show and this turned out really bad. This is not what it was supposed to be like.

I am extremely disappointed. Tired and bored. I repeat: this is not how this show was supposed to be. And I do not know if I will be able to continue with the Originals after the end of this season. Hell I do not even know if I will be able to finish this season.

Don’t even care about next weeks episode of TO and who wrote it. I am excited as hell for the SPN spinoff and of course Nate!!!

Anonymous asked:
I think the KCers should trend The Elephant is still in the room that way only the fanfom gets it ;)



Nah. I honest to god think the Klaroline fandom should be dead silent next episode. That’s what the stans and writers want, so let’s see how they do on social media with no KC. Klamille got a whopping 79 tweets last night; let that sustain them and keep them relevant on Twitter.

I’m serious, guys. Ignore this next episode entirely unless you are actually watching it. Since they hate the shippers so much, don’t give them a free ride on this next episode.

This is probably the most crucially important post.

Radio silence. See how many mentions their beloved show gets. See how much of a difference the Klaroline fandom makes.



They’re making Joseph Morgan do so much work on TO. He has literally carried every single female character on the show! 

You know who he hasn’t carried? Caroline because she can make it there her damn self…


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The Walking Dead meme: 2 weapons [2/2]:Signature weapon


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shawty got low low low low low low low (self esteem)